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Time Of Use Pricing

Time Of Use Pricing

If you have a resource that you want to bill at different hourly rates based on the users “Time of Use”, this can be configured on the SKU Details page, Time of Use section:


When you import the appointment into the FBS eLog, FBS examines the overall time of the reservation and creates properly adjusted eLog (a.k.a. Usage) records.

For example:

Assume that you have an After Hours (AH) rate defined for your LSRII resource and you’ve configured the LSRII to use the AH rate for any usage between Midnight-7:59AM and 5:00PM-Midnight.

If a user was book the resource from 4AM until 8PM at night, FBS would create 3 different Usage records.

                4:00 AM — 8:00AM          AH Rate

                8:00 AM – 5:00 PM          Standard Rate

                5:00 PM – 8:00 PM           AH Rate

Even though there was only one reservation, there will be 3 line items on the invoices clearly showing the Start-End times for each segment.

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