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Delete Appointments

From the eLog, you are able to import your completed appointments.  It is from the eLog, that you can use the “Reconcile Physical Log to FBS Schedule” view and adjust the Start/End times to reflect the actual used times. In past versions of FBS, when you import appointments into the eLog and then DELETE those…
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Multi-Use SKUs

A brand-new enhancement in FBS has been implemented! Multi-Use SKUs make it possible to reserve a specific workstation and bill accordingly to the use. To add Multi-Use SKUs navigate to the individual time SKU page you want to use and locate the “Resource Use Type” section. You can add as many SKUs as you need…
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Assigning Consumables to SKU

A new enhancement for Time SKUs has been implemented. Assigning consumables to a SKU is now possible on the individual SKU page. This function is useful for labs that use materials that need to be billed. On the individual SKU page find the section “Consumables for this SKU”. This is where you can add Quantity…
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