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Time Of Use Pricing

If you have a resource that you want to bill at different hourly rates based on the users “Time of Use”, this can be configured on the SKU Details page, Time of Use section: When you import the appointment into the FBS eLog, FBS examines the overall time of the reservation and creates properly adjusted…
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Delete Appointments

From the eLog, you are able to import your completed appointments.  It is from the eLog, that you can use the “Reconcile Physical Log to FBS Schedule” view and adjust the Start/End times to reflect the actual used times. In past versions of FBS, when you import appointments into the eLog and then DELETE those…
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Product Improvement

Priority Software, Inc. is constantly seeking ways to improve FBS & BA. As we actively pursue growth we have found that improving our products is a never-ending journey. Whenever we think we are good, we can do even better. Along with new features being implemented we also enhance and hone-down features that have been “set…
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Studies provide an easy way to specify the Account Number to pay for the requested services in a facility. For example, a PI has two different studies or “experiments”. One account number is for a cancer study and the other is a heart study. Instead of users having to remember the entire account number they…
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Automatic PI Code Assignment

A new feature has been implemented into FBS to assist with PI creation. The new feature assigns PI’s an ID automatically. The logic is simple, *AUTO* finds the latest PI Code and increases it by one. “Automatic PI Code Assignment” is a convenient tool to help keep your codes consistent and organized.

Recreate PDF

A new feature has been fully implemented to assist the invoice creation process. When an invoice is created the PDF version is created in real-time. If you need to recreate the PDF (example: you’re just getting started with a new facility and decided to change the logo), you can now do this from the Tracking section…
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eLog Right-Click Filter

To filter for: All Usage for an individual PI Right-Click on a Usage record showing an individual PI and then click on the select Equals context-menu selection: Right-Click on any PI code on any Usage record and enter a matching value. 1024 To filter for: All Usage for User Codes starting with 1, such as 139, 112, etc. Right-Click on any User…
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Direct Charge Status Page

Operators can now view the status of all Direct Charge Invoices using the Direct Charge Status page. Here is an example of filters you can use to have a wide variety of potential reports: This page also supports the new Data Filter that is on the eLog: Operators can download this data in Excel via…
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Using the FBS eLog Data Filter

Multiple-Column Filter Clicking on a column heading will sort the column in Ascending order. Clicking that same column again will reverse the sort (i.e. Descending). To extend the sort to additional columns, hold down the shift key when you click on 2nd, 3rd, etc. column. Modifying Columns To filter the columns columns that appear on…
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