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Delete Appointments

From the eLog, you are able to import your completed appointments.  It is from the eLog, that you can use the “Reconcile Physical Log to FBS Schedule” view and adjust the Start/End times to reflect the actual used times. In past versions of FBS, when you import appointments into the eLog and then DELETE those…
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eLog Right-Click Filter

To filter for: All Usage for an individual PI Right-Click on a Usage record showing an individual PI and then click on the select Equals context-menu selection: Right-Click on any PI code on any Usage record and enter a matching value. 1024 To filter for: All Usage for User Codes starting with 1, such as 139, 112, etc. Right-Click on any User…
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Using the FBS eLog Data Filter

Multiple-Column Filter Clicking on a column heading will sort the column in Ascending order. Clicking that same column again will reverse the sort (i.e. Descending). To extend the sort to additional columns, hold down the shift key when you click on 2nd, 3rd, etc. column. Modifying Columns To filter the columns columns that appear on…
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