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Manuscript (formerly known as “FogBugz”)

PSI utilizes the Manuscript by Fogcreek case management software to track all Priority Software® support requests. When you send an email to , you will receive an acknowledgement email from with details on how you can track the progress of your case.

All links to are trusted by Priority Software, Inc.

If you need to add additional details to your original case, please be sure to reply to the acknowledgement email to do so. Manuscript will automatically append your new details to your existing case.

If you have any questions, you can call us at (205) 202-8400.

NOTE: All Support Requests regarding your use of a Priority Software® web applications must be initiated by email and must include a link to the application web page (whenever possible). Unfortunately, attached images containing the link are not acceptable. Failure to provide the necessary link is guaranteed to delay the response time. Thank you for your cooperation.