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Service Pricing

BA – Accounting
Hourly Service Pricing 2022
Training (Web or On-Site) $225
Travel for On-Site Training $187
Other Software Services $280
Problem Support No Charge
FBS – Facility Billing
Hourly Service Pricing 2022
On-Site Training $225
+ expenses
Web (Remote) Training No Charge
Installation No Charge1
Configuration No Charge1
Data Migration No Charge2
Form Customization $184
Software Customization No Charge3
Other Software Services $280
Problem Support No Charge

Please anticipate a 2.75% annual price increase on all services beginning each January 1.

1The Initial Installation / Configuration on PSI provided Amazon Server(s) is provided at No Charge. On-Premise Installation / Configuration / Disaster Recovery and Re-installation including Server Migration is available at the Other Software Services rate.

2Conversion from digitally readable format (ex: CSV, XLS, TDV) into the FBS Workbook format without requiring extensive data entry.

3Any Software Customizations that a customer requests and an FBS Product Manager deems as acceptable (in-line with the future vision of the FBS product and with no negative impact on other customers) will be provided at No Charge. These acceptable changes will be delivered at PSI’s convenience. NO commitment to the delivery date of these acceptable changes should be assumed by the Customer unless a formal commitment has been provided by an FBS Product Manager. All other software customization which PSI is agreeable to perform will be billed at our “Other Software Services” rate and will require a mutually signed “Statement of Work”.

If you have additional questions, please use the Contact Us page or call us @ (205) 202-8400, Option 1.