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Priority Software® BA Features

In addition to the many features already in earlier versions of BA the masking for each university’s terms, ability to accommodate alpha-numeric account numbers of any length, auto-calculation of IDC, option of creating sub-accounts (projects), salary encumbering across grant periods, and support for multiple fringe rates to name just a few- the move to the web makes it possible for BA to do so much more!

At a Glance
Web-based solution accessible from most browser-enabled devices
Reports are flexible yet easy to understand
Graphical Burn-Rate Projections
Interactive Reports / Graphs

Information at Your Fingertips
Balances at a Glance
Quick Find feature makes it easy to locate the information you need
Smart Links show extra info as you mouse over
Run reports with a single click
Instant Balances display in real-time as you enter transactions

Simplified User Interface
BA and BA Central merged into one simplified interface
Workflow Enhancements
Role-based menus customized to your job responsibilities

Easy Deployment
No more Windows Installation — BA is 100% web-based
Easy Transition from earlier versions of BA

Scorecard New Feature!
High-level summary for everything you do in BA
Links to your accounts, alerts, sponsored projects, persons, etc.
Interactive Graphs
Views based on your job responsibilities
Dedicated themes designed for Department Managers, Investigators, Accountants, and more…

Quick Menu New Feature!
With a single click get a complete list of all your Persons, Accounts, Sponsored Projects, etc.
Totals at a Glance
Interactive calendar

Forms New Feature!
Filter by any field
Sort by any field
Copy & Paste between grids on forms
Datasheet grids are now editable
Paste data to and from Excel into any grid
Ability to group any related records
Fly-outs allow you to easily navigate from forms to other related information

DIW Enhancements New Feature!
Improved speed
Post Picker for any transaction type (Helps eliminate the need to override transactions, simply “Create New”)
Automatically post transactions with no exceptions on a nightly basis
Post Helper for transactions with exceptions

Reconciliation Wizard New Feature!
“Select All” Feature to easily mark commitments as open or not reflected
Close Encumbrances without opening the form
View Object Codes for Encumbrances
Drill-down capability to see exactly where your numbers are off
No more moving between tabs, see all related data at once

Reports New Feature!
One-click Reporting — No Need to Fill out Report Options
Download Reports as Excel or PDF format
Customizable Data Views / Save Report Print Options
Drill down into totals to see supporting detail
Run multiple reports using the same print options
Save Report Options for future reporting
Batch Reporting — Send reports to all your PI’s at one time

By Popular Demand New Feature!
Pump data from Excel into BA
Easily extract any data from BA into Excel
Forms remain in Edit Mode until the user saves
Ability to Copy Budget Carry-Forwards & Open Commitments for new years of an account
Save sort order in any data grid (Ex: encumbrance distribution grid)
See all transaction types on one form (Ex: Awards, Encumbrances, Direct Expenses)
Document Tab on all forms