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Priority Software® BA Benefits

Need 10 Good Reasons to Choose BA?

  1. Timely and Accurate Information at Your Fingertips
  2. Reconciled, easy to follow Reports
  3. No Double Entry
  4. Extremely Reasonable Costs
  5. Unlimited Problem Support via Phone / Email / Web
  6. All Updates and Upgrades at No Additional Charge
  7. Interfaced Directly with your Institutional System
  8. No IT Support Required
  9. Best Practices Accumulated from 25+ Years Experience
  10. Absolutely the BEST Customer Service and Support!

Product Benefits
Enterprise financial systems work really well for tracking data at the institutional level. However they are not always designed to meet departmental level needs where staff are tracking grants, contracts, state accounts and more. BA is designed to do just that- meet the needs of PI’s, accountants, and mangers at the departmental level. BA allows you to have a much more accurate picture of available funds. For instance, the institutional system says Dr. Jones has $120,000 available in account 1234567. But once BA figures in salary encumbered across the grant period (not fiscal year), user blankets for recurring monthly charges, and commitments known at the departmental level that have not yet hit the institutional system, the available balance is $24,600! Not only do you have this information at your fingertips, but BA offers a vast suite of reports so you can report on the data in the exact way you need to, the way your manager, the PI, or governmental agency wants to see it.

Standardized Reporting
It happens. People need information to make decisions. Your data is stored in disparate systems throughout the institution. Users ultimately pull data from wherever they can find it and yet another version of the original data makes the rounds.

Alternatively, BA interfaces to all these official systems, extracts the data and creates the reports for the web, Microsoft Excel and Adobe Acrobat for dissemination by:

  • On-Demand via the Web
  • Information Sharing Portal
  • Direct Email

Users get the exact same data in an easy to understand format.

Information at Your Fingertips
If you can get to the web, you can access your data. No need to install any programs. See real time, up to the minute data on every account you manage. And coming soon you’ll be able to access BA on the go from your smart phone. Stay tuned for specific release date.

Data Analysis without Additional FTEs
No one has any extra money in their budgets. Hiring additional staff to get the work done is probably out of the question. With BA the existing staff of your department will be able to track their accounts more easily and accurately for much less than the cost of an FTE. An entire campus can license BA, giving all of the staff in every department access to the tools in BA for about the cost of one FTE annually. Talk about doing more with less!