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Priority Software® BA

Information Management by Design
For over 35 years, universities and research institutions have depended on the information reported by Priority Software BA. With BA, you get the highest quality area management system available with a wealth of powerful features at an extremely reasonable price. Whether you are a one-person office in need of a tool to empower you over your many tasks or an area administrator looking for a cohesive solution for your staff, BA is the answer.

Financial Management / Budget Forecasting
BA is not a shadow accounting system. It is a front-end to your institutional system that allows you to add additional information. The BA database becomes the baseline that you reconcile with your institution’s financial system in much the same way you reconcile your checkbook against the bank’s statement. The Reconciliation Wizard is designed specifically to provide a financial management tool used to budget, monitor, and forecast all your monies including state, federal, income, contract, and grant dollars. Reconciliation is a very straightforward process. Much of the labor-intensive process has been automated and reduced to mouse clicks. Once the books are reconciled, you can close out the month which publishes the financial statements for that month’s close to the Document Storage system. This proves providing an electronic version of the month-end closing documents are accessible via the web. Should you or your faculty need to view these documents, they can be instantly pulled from the document database.

Accounting Features

  • Indirect cost rate schedules with automatic ICR transaction completion
  • Burn Rate Projections can be configured to only project-specific expense categories
  • Sign up for automatic email reminders for funds ending in 60 days, overdrafts, etc
  • Deliver reports electronically to multiple researchers with a single click
  • Account responsibility structure reflects a multi-tiered organizational chart
  • The budget module provides month-to-date / year-to-date variance reporting
  • Automatic reconciliation of BA Transaction with your Institution’s Accounting System
  • Combine multiple fund types and sources into a single report
  • Sub-Account (Project) Level Accounting implemented throughout BA
  • Transaction import provides a highly automated and sophisticated reconciliation of the central administration’s G/L and A/P data.
  • Access can be restricted by user/group levels to Full, Delete, Change, Read-Only or No Access.
  • Comprehensive Reporting with Extensive Variations
  • All BA modules are fully integrated and work together seamlessly to eliminate duplicate data entry

Financial Transactions

  • Financial Transactions
  • Initial Budget
  • Carry Forwards
  • Budget Amendments
  • Projected Revenues
  • Actual Income
  • Encumbrances
  • Expenditures
  • Holdbacks
  • Direct Expenses
  • User-Defined
  • Reconciliation / Monitoring

The BA Reconciliation Wizard is not only automated — it’s automatic. Your institutional data is imported into BA automatically resulting in alerts for those transactions which conflict with your business rules.

  • Transaction Import from your Institution
  • Reconciliation Tool which auto-reconciles BA to Institution
  • Monthly Reports “Snapshots” are Saved
  • Full Payroll and Accounting security

Personnel Management
With 70% of every research dollar typically going towards personnel costs, the BA Salary and Fringe management features will keep you smiling.

Personnel Features

  • Workload Distribution
  • Multi-Dimensional Fringe Computations

Sponsored Project Management
The Sponsored Projects module allows you to manage the sponsored funding provided to your investigators including all their Contracts, Grants, Endowments, and Gifts. In addition to standard analysis, BA is able to analyze the funding to produce detailed metrics representing an external effort by organization unit or investigator.

Sponsored Project Features

  • Extensive reporting by Investigators, Organizational Unit, Funding Agency, Funding Type, etc.
  • Publications Database
  • Unlimited Fund Types / Sources
  • Yearly Budgets
  • Effort Reporting

Add-On Modules
Get the most from your BA system with supplemental modules specifically designed for your organization or center.

NCI Add-On
The NCI Add-On allows BA to manage additional data items required by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) grant review process. Faculty along with their grant support and publications can be placed in one or more Program Areas.

NCI Add-on Features

  • Unlimited Program Areas
  • Assign Facility, Support, and Publication
  • Report on Intra- and Inter-Programmatic Efforts

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