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Priority Software® FBS Features

The Facility Billing System (FBS) is a fully integrated Usage Tracking and Billing program designed especially for charge back recovery of Facilities and Service Center needs that occur within an institution.

FBS Offers

  • Electronic Invoices (HTML Email or Web Based)
  • Usage Analysis Reporting
  • Charge back Recovery / Income Forecasting in Real Time via the Web
  • Integrated Accounts Receivable System

Usage Data

  • Can be Entered Directly via the Web
  • Uploaded to the Web from an Excel Spreadsheet
  • “Pumped” directly from Existing Database into the FBS Database

Facilities / Service Centers

  • Unlimited Number of Products and Services (SKUs)
  • Income can be posted to one or more institutional accounts with support for Internal / External Sales Categories
  • Pricing is Date Based supporting Minimum Charge, Non-Billable, Time (From-To) or Quantity


  • Once Usage has been approved, Invoices will be automatically computed.
  • The ability to explicitly state the date on the invoice.
  • Average time to compute Invoices, Email and Record Projected Income is less than 1 second / Invoice.
  • Invoices can be Printed and / or Emailed as HTML Invoices to Users
  • Direct Charges allow you to pre-Authorize your Facility Users. FBS will auto-draft the User’s account to eliminate the generation of Internal Disbursements / Requisitions. A detailed Journal Entry and the Supporting Documentation can be submitted electronically or via hardcopy to the Institution.
  • Pending Charge Notices are Emailed to the User’s Fiscal Office allowing Manual or Automatic BA Encumbrance
  • Income can be Automatically Recorded within the Facilities and Auto-Reconciled by BA when Payment is made in the Institution


  • Manual Charge Customers can be tracked via the Integrated Accounts Receivable System
  • Payments can be Posted via the Web and Deposit Slips Created on Demand

Facility Users

  • Can be Flagged as Internal or External
  • Can be Manual or Automatically Charged
  • Users can be Shared between Facilities allowing Single Entry and/or Centralized Management
  • Users can track their Usage / Payables via the FBS User Web Site

Administrative Functions
Area (Center) or Facility can view Real Time Usage Analysis and Sales via the Web

Facility Operators

  • Operators can be given Action Permissions within each Facility
  • Operators can view the Real Time Aged Accounts Receivable via the Web

BA Integration

  • Record Projected Income
  • Auto-Reconcile Income as Payment is realized on Institutional Financial System
  • Users can Auto-Encumber the Pending Expenditures within BA
  • As the Payment is realized on the Institutional Financial System, the Expenditures are created automatically and the Encumbrance is closed