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Priority Software® FBS Features

The Facility Billing System (FBS) is a fully integrated Usage Tracking and Billing program designed especially for charge back recovery of Facilities and Service Center needs that occur within an institution.

FBS Offers

  • Electronic Invoices (HTML Email or Web Based)
  • Usage Analysis Reporting
  • Chargeback Recovery / Income Forecasting in Real Time via the Web
  • Integrated Accounts Receivable System

Usage Data
The activity within the facility is simply called “Usage” which is stored in the FBS eLog (“electronic log”).  The Usage can be posted to the eLog (i.e. “list of ready-to-bill activity”) from:

  • The “Post to eLog” selection in the many FBS sub-systems (ex: Scheduling, Greenhouse Management, DNA Sequencing, Product Sales, Service Orders, Cleanrooms, etc.).  This allows each facility to control when billable activity is visible on the eLog
  • An Excel Spreadsheet using the FBS Library for Excel Add-in (available for Mac and Windows)
  • An Excel Library XLL Add-in (available for Windows only)
  • The Priority Software Database Agent (DBA) constantly monitors the database and uploads Recurring charges, No-Show Fees, etc.
  • Automated, custom data imports (essentially data feeds similar to the way Account Validation is uploaded)
  • Manual Data Entry using any of the “Usage Entry” forms (Basic, Advanced, and Recurring) – most typically this is used to add one-off Usage records

FBS always uses the most intelligent, automated solution possible to import the data into the eLog and eliminate manual data entry.

Facilities / Service Centers

  • Unlimited Number of Products and Services (SKUs)
  • Income can be posted to one or more institutional accounts with support for Internal / External Sales Categories
  • Pricing is Date Based supporting Minimum Charge, Non-Billable, Time (From-To), or Quantity


  • Once Usage has been approved, Invoices will be automatically computed.
  • The ability to explicitly state the date on the invoice.
  • The average time to compute Invoices, Emails, and Record Projected Income is less than 1 second / Invoice.
  • Invoices can be Printed and/or Emailed as HTML Invoices to Users
  • Direct Charges allow you to pre-Authorize your Facility Users. FBS will auto-draft the User’s account to eliminate the generation of Internal Disbursements / Requisitions. A detailed Journal Entry and the Supporting Documentation can be submitted electronically or via hardcopy to the Institution.
  • Pending Charge Notices are Emailed to the User’s Fiscal Office allowing Manual or Automatic BA Encumbrance
  • Income can be Automatically Recorded within the Facilities and Auto-Reconciled by BA when Payment is made in the Institution


  • Manual Charge Customers can be tracked via the Integrated Accounts Receivable System
  • Payments can be Posted via the Web and Deposit Slips Created on Demand

Facility Users

  • Can be Flagged as Internal or External
  • Can be Manual or Automatically Charged
  • Users can be Shared between Facilities allowing Single Entry and/or Centralized Management
  • Users can track their Usage / Payables via the FBS User Web Site

Administrative Functions
Area (Center) or Facility can view Real Time Usage Analysis and Sales via the Web

Facility Operators

  • Operators can be given Action Permissions within each Facility
  • Operators can view the Real Time Aged Accounts Receivable via the Web

BA Integration

  • Record Projected Income
  • Auto-Reconcile Income as Payment is realized on Institutional Financial System
  • Users can Auto-Encumber the Pending Expenditures within BA
  • As the Payment is realized on the Institutional Financial System, the Expenditures are created automatically and the Encumbrance is closed