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Priority Software® FBS

Facility Billing System (FBS) is a fully integrated core facility management software package including usage tracking and billing designed especially for monitoring the chargeback recovery of Facilities and Service Centers within a university or research institution.

Stop Losing Money!
Your services cost money. The longer it takes to collect your charges, the greater the chance for write-offs. FBS knows how your users are going to pay and automatically validates their funding before services are rendered.

Instant Payments
FBS integrates with your institutional financial system to instantly transfer payments from your users to each of the facilities. Internal users can automatically encumber their usage and reconcile when the expenditure shows on the institution’s financials.

Internal or External
Internal Facility users (pay using the institutional financial system) are emailed with attached Adobe Acrobat (PDF) invoices. Their payments are pre-approved and debited directly from their specified account(s). External users (pay using a credit card or check) are sent paper invoices, past due reminders and their payments are tracked within the real-time accounts receivable feature. This invoicing workflow is very typical but can be easily adjusted to accommodate your needs.

Eliminate Data Entry
FBS can read data directly from your processing equipment (ex: DNA Sequencer), Point-of-Sale (POS), existing database, Excel spreadsheet or web form. Creating the invoices is then just a single click!

Center Members
FBS can allow your Center to subsidize member usage of Shared Facilities to maintain the same recharge rate to all users. Facility Billing System (FBS) Data Sheet

Need Scheduling?
FBS allows operators and users (optionally) to graphically schedule resource usage. FBS can even update their desktop calendar with a reminder. After the event time has completed, FBS can automatically charge for the booked time or can use this allocation as a “soft schedule” to be updated with actual time.

Flexible Pricing
Whether you are charging for products or services by quantity or time, FBS can provide the invoicing. Flexible billing options, including volume discounts, subsidies, and more.

Budget Tracking
FBS allows you to establish a Chargeback Recovery plan for each facility and then monitor the progress throughout the budget period. If necessary, you can adjust your recharge rates at any time to more accurately reflect the cost.

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