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Screen Sharing

The support team at Priority Software has teamed up with Glance and WebEx! Both are Screen sharing software that will help communication, visual engagement, and boost productivity! Screen sharing can be used for the following support solutions: Report – If you have an issue you want to show support Educate – If you need assistance…
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Product Improvement

Priority Software, Inc. is constantly seeking ways to improve FBS & BA. As we actively pursue growth we have found that improving our products is a never-ending journey. Whenever we think we are good, we can do even better. Along with new features being implemented we also enhance and hone-down features that have been “set…
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FBS/BA Support

On-Line Knowledge-base The Priority Software Knowledge Base (PSKB) is constantly updated and available 24/7 to provide assistance with: 1. How To Articles 2. Training Aids 3. Tips and Tricks 4. Troubleshooting To access the PSKB, please use the Help button on the Quick Access toolbar within the Priority Software application as shown below: Email Support The best…
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