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Author: Bob Duffett

Tri-State Boxes

We have recently added “Tri-state boxes” to our eLog and Invoice Listing pages! Tri-state boxes allow our users to further refine their filter searches. In the picture below you will see that each of the three possible values of “Tri-state boxes” are being shown. You are most likely already familiar with the values of the…
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Journal Entry Upload

Priority Software has recently implemented a new “Journal Entry Upload” for direct charges. If you wish to learn how to use the new Journal Entry Upload, please follow the few easy steps listed below: Users may access this feature by navigating to the Finance tab, and then clicking Manage which is located in the “Direct Charges” box.   Once…
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Logon Problems Using Internet Explorer

If you are having trouble logging on FBS or BA, check out this blog post to troubleshoot your issues and quickly get back on track with just a few easy changes. The release of Internet Explorer 11 created quite a disruption for a few of our FBS and BA customers but these have all been…
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